SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 Ultrasound System

The Ultrasound Imaging System for Breast Imagers

For physicians that want to be on the forefront of breast imaging, the SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 ultrasound system is our most advanced ultrasound system.

It is designed to :

  • increase diagnostic confidence and efficiency, offering exceptional image quality, innovative imaging modes and brilliant usability,
  • maximize comfort, enhancing user experience and workflow, and it is truly future-focused.


HD imagery means new possibilities
for patient management

Innovation and Integration, Today and Tomorrow

Lean into the future of ultrasound technology with the SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 ultrasound imaging system.

Your exams are about to benefit from a new kind of ultrasound experience – the one that is innovative, intuitive, integrated, and intelligent.

  • INNOVATIVE: full support every step of the way
    • The powerful architecture and unique UltraFast™ technology of the SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 system allow for today’s innovations and tomorrow’s
  • INTUITIVE: build your practice with Hologic beyond breast imaging
    • Designed to help create a productive and pain-free environment with a large full HD screen, embedded SonicPad™ Touchpad, ergonomic and lightweight transducers, and a low noise level
  • INTEGRATED: the future is bright with the SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 system
    • As part of the Hologic suite of solutions, we offer an optimized continuum of care to advance early detection and effective
  • INTELLIGENT: improved reading experience and AI capabilities
    • At Hologic, we strive to make advances toward greater certainty for our physicians and their patients. We believe that our “Unifi-certified” and “AI-compatible” ultrasound platform will make a difference and lead to more informed decision-making and help improve diagnostic

Elevate Your Breast Imaging Services

SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 system is designed with image quality excellence in mind, offering smooth images with reduced speckle, regardless of tissue density, and improved lesion conspicuity for enhanced diagnostic confidence. Information gathered may reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies.

SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 Ultrasound System with UltraFast™ Imaging

The Power Behind Innovations

Radiologists are used to compromising. They always need to choose: field-of-view OR spatial resolution OR penetration OR display frame-rate.

With the SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 system: no compromise, no comparison.

Deep inside the SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 system is a powerful processor running on our  powerful and  exclusive  UltraFast™ technology, inspired by the video gaming industry that offers innovative and additional tools to optimize patient management and support diagnostic decisions. The intelligent signal processing can capture up to 20,000 images per seconds1, bringing almost unlimited possibilities into ultrasound imaging: excellent image quality, evidence-based innovative imaging modes and future AI integration.

  1. Ultrafast™ Ultrasound Imaging, by Jeremy Bercoff (Published: August 23rd 2011 DOI: 10.5772/19729)


The Power Behind Innovations

SuperSonic® MACH™ 40
Ultrasound System

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SuperSonic® MACH™ 40
Ultrasound System

Image Accuracy & Excellent Versatility

Excellent B-Mode Image Quality

The SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 ultrasound system offers excellent B-mode image quality with reduced speckle, regardless of tissue density, and improved lesion conspicuity for enhanced diagnostic confidence regardless of the clinical application. A set of advanced features is available to simplify and accelerate the image acquisition process.

  • Excellent lesion conspicuity
  • Exceptional tissue differentiation
  • Imaging at great depths

Optimized And Automated Experience

A range of functionalities designed to meet the needs of practitioners.

  • AutoTGC– Excellent optimization with one touch button, you instantly optimize the gain for the entire
  • SuperRes– Enhanced conspicuity offering four levels of adjustment to adjust edge sharpness and improve conspicuity of
  • TissueTuner – Five settings of tissue density to accurately match with the density of the organ scanned resulting in sharper borders and a better delineation of normal and abnormal
  • SuperCompound – Fast spatial compounding for smoother images with reduced

Conventional Imaging Modes

Color and Power Doppler provides ultra-sensitive flow imaging in both superficial and deep structures. In addition, Triplex mode gives you the ability to view both live B-mode, Color & Pulsed-Wave Doppler at the same time.

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging (CEUS) : Enables the evaluation of organ blood perfusion dynamics to help clinicians characterize abnormal structures & organs.

Innovative Features

For Improved Diagnostic Accuracy of Breast Cancer Patients

The SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 ultrasound system features several innovative imaging modes, thanks to its UltraFast™ leading edge technology. These innovations integrate perfectly with routine workflow and are designed to deliver meaningful added value into breast imaging and improve patient management. With SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 ultrasound system, breast specialists have access to:

  • ShearWave™ PL.U.S elastography – dynamic tissue stiffness evaluation with large color-coded map in real-time in 2D and 3D1
  • Angio PL.U.S™ imaging – microvascular flow assessment
    • TriVu™ imaging – simultaneous real-time assessment of 3 essential informations: Anatomy (B-Mode ), Stiffness (2D-SWE™ imaging) & Micro vascularization (Angio PL.U.S™ imaging).
  • Needle U.S™ imaging – needle visibility enhancement and trajectory prediction during biopsies for improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction
    • 3D Breast Software – offering complete visualizations of breast anatomy and detailed characterization of lesions (multiplanar and multislice displays).

SHEARWAVE™ PL.U.S Elastography

Take Advantage of Outstanding Image Quality and Access to SHEARWAVE™ PL.U.S Imaging, The Reference in Elastography

With the latest 3rd generation of shear wave-based technology ShearWave™ PL.U.S elastography (SWE™ imaging), your ultrasound exams are about to benefit from a new kind of elastography experience:

  • High Framrate Real-time imaging1
  • Enhanced spatial resolution2
  • Increased penetration3
  • Dynamic tissue stiffness evaluation with large 2D color-coded map
  • Dual quantification with measurement tools in kPa and m/s
  • Preserved B-mode image quality & framerate
  1. Real time image processing is related with typical frame rate. Current standard for capture is typically 30 frames per second and can go up to 120 frames per second for some conventional ultrasound equipment. The UltraFast™ technology allows for the image acquisition up to 20,000 frames per second.
  2. SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 ultrasound system technical specifications: SWE™ imaging spatial resolution is 2mm for all transducers.
  3. SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 ultrasound system technical specifications: SWE™ imaging Box depth at maximum 12

Breakthrough Technology for Breast Health

It has been demonstrated, by more than 200 peer-reviewed publications using SWE™ imaging, that real-time mapping of breast lesion stiffness provides additional diagnostic information.

SWE™ imaging constitutes a complementary tool for:

  • Breast lesion diagnosis and characterization1
  • More accurate lesion size measurement2
  • Clear margin definition in the preoperative setting
  • Biopsy guidance2
  • Therapy planning and monitoring3
  • Prognostics and monitoring of breast cancer patients during and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy3

ShearWave™ PL.U.S elastography may aid in the diagnostic work up of breast lesions and thus, positively impact patient management and support the diagnostic decision making.1 It may also help with targeting lesions during ultrasound-guided biopsy.4

  1. Berg WA et Radiology 2012 Feb;262(2):435-49.
  2. Mullen R et Clin Radiol 2014 Dec;69(12):1259-63.
  3. Lee SH et Ann Surg Oncol 2015 Dec;22 Suppl 3:376-84.
  4. Plecha DM et Radiology 2014; 272(3):657-64.

“With mammography, we fail to identify almost half the breast cancers in patients with dense breasts, so we need to use other tools to help improve the diagnosis of cancer in those women (…) There are several features that I like about ShearWave™ Elastography: it gives us additional information about lesions, it improves specificity and therefore improves confidence in our final diagnosis.”

Dr Kathy Schilling, M.D. – Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Angio PL.U.S™ Imaging

To Assess Microvasculature with Astounding Clarity

Angio PL.U.S™ imaging provides a new level of microvascular imaging through an exceptional high frame rate color sensitivity and spatial resolution while maintaining exceptional 2D imaging.

Thanks to its ability to detect microvascularization in different types of lesions, this mode could open the door to added clinical information and diagnostic perspectives, in both benign and malignant lesions.

With this ultrasensitive color mode, microvasculature and low velocity flow states that are present within organ tissue can be assessed without contrast agents.

TriVu™ Imaging

For an Increasing Diagnostic Confidence in Results

TriVu™ imaging mode was designed to improve diagnostic confidence in work- up of lesions and further enhance workflow efficiency.

TriVu™ imaging simultaneously assesses in real-time:

  • morphologic information with B-mode,
  • stiffness information with ShearWave™ U.S elastography,
  • microvascular flow information with Angio U.S™ imaging,

allowing to visualize the anatomy, the tissue stiffness, and blood flow in the breast tissue concurrently, on the same image simultaneously. One acquisition: Assessment, in real-time of all 3 parameters in the same exact tissue.

Needle PL.U.S™ Imaging

For An Enhanced Control in Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies

Needle PL.U.S™ imaging was developed to provide leveraging our unique UltraFast™ technology to provide enhanced needle visibility and introduce a unique functionality: needle trajectory prediction.

In practice, Needle PL.U.S™ imaging enables you to visualize both biopsy needles and anatomical structures in real time with unrivaled precision, and also predict where the needle is supposed to go.

3D Ultrasound Imaging

Open The Door to The Ultimate Tool for Breast Imaging

On the SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 system, 3D Ultrasound Imaging opens the door as an additional application in breast diagnostics and may support accurate interpretation.

3D Ultrasound Imaging is designed to enhance diagnostic certainty. Lesion characteristics and morphometry can be leveraged together with the coronal plane imaging to provide supplementary information.

Our 3D tool helps you visualize breast anatomy and detailed characterization of lesions (MultiPlanar and MultiSlice Displays) from a new perspective.

  • May provide greater diagnostic information due to whole volume images and the unique coronal
  • No resolution loss wherever you are in the breast, even next to pectoralis muscle.

The new 3D 5-16 MHs broadband volumetric transducer, that rapidly acquires 3D volumes of the breast, may assist in the work- up of difficult lesions even for dense breasts.


Comprehensive Family of Transducers for All Applications

Curvilinear Transducers With Single Crystal Technology

Our single crystal technology delivers increased bandwidth, wider dynamic range and enhanced sensitivity. The result is uniformity from near to far field even in your technically challenging patients.

Transducer C9-2X, Single Crystal Curvilinear 50 mm

Abdominal, Ob-Gyn, Vascular, Thyroid, and Pediatric applications.

Transducer C6-1X, Single Crystal Curvilinear 60 mm

Abdominal, Ob-Gyn, Vascular, Thyroid, and Pediatric applications.

Linear Transducers with Single Crystal Technology

Our ultra broadband transducers with their unique core acoustic technology and advanced ergonomic design enable exceptional tissue detail in every exam.

Transducer L18-5, 5 Linear 50 mm

Breast, Thyroid, MSK, Genitourinary, Vascular and for Pediatric applications

Transducer L10-2, Linear 38 mm

Vascular, Thyroid, Breast, Abdominal, MSK and Pediatric applications

Transducer LH20-6, Hockey Stick Linear 27 mm

MSK, Vascular, Breast and Pediatric applications

Other Transducers

Transducer E12-3, Endocavitary 138°

Endorectal or endovaginal applications

Transducer P5-1X Single Crystal Phased Array 20 mm

Vascular applications.

Transducer MC12-3 Micro-Convex 18 mm

Vascular and Pediatric applications


Focus on what you see,
and not on what you do with SONICPAD™ touchpad.

Powered by the next generation of UltraFast™ imaging combined with the intuitive SonicPad™ Touchpad for a unique clinical and user experience.

  • SonicPad™ Touchpad
  • Full HD screens
  • Efficient ergonomics
  • Minimal audible noise
  • Eco-designed

Focus on Less to Do More
Multitouch SonicPad™ Touchpad makes the SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 system story more than just an intuitive user experience. Being able to “focus on what you see, and not on what you do”, helps to improve workflow by reducing user’s movements and examination time.
Intuitive SonicPad™ Touchpad also gives clinicians the ability to easily manipulate the 3D volume.

  • Intuitiveness
  • User Comfort
  • Exam Efficiency
  • Patient Focus

“I find in my practice that I’m able to interact with the patient more because I’m not fiddling with knobs and buttons (…). I find that I don’t have to look down at the unit as much, so I’m able to focus on the screen and visualizing the finding.”

Dr. Smith-Foley, Breast radiologist, The Breast Center at CARTI

Full HD Screens

  1. The 23” Full HD monitor displays 2 million1 pixel resolution for diagnostic clarity and offers enhanced image uniformity, deeper blacks and refined detail, paired with reliable performance and a longer useful
  2. The interactive 6” Full HD adjustable touchscreen makes all the difference when reflections prevent you from seeing.

Efficient Ergonomics

  1. Motorized control panel
  2. Pinless connector ports
  3. Three-position central brake
  4. Large front and back handles

Minimal Audible Noise
Noise levels equivalent to that of a bedroom (~ 33 dB) is made possible thanks to optimized cooling fan architecture.

SuperSonic® IMAGINE™ system strives to limit the environmental impact throughout the SuperSonic® MACH™ 40 ultrasound system life cycle. It starts with choosing ecologically responsible subcontractors, reducing the number of components and making sure that used material is properly recycled.